Determining what catering and kitchen appliance to purchase is a tedious and difficult thing to do, knowing that there are thousands of brands available on the market nowadays. This fact led to the establishment of Catering Equipment Advisor (www.cateringadvisor.com.au).

Comprised by a team of researchers and experts in the catering and restaurant sectors, Catering Equipment Advisor is designed to solely serve as an ultimate product guide for consumers and business owners in Australia and other parts of the world. Our mission here is to offer in-depth product information, equipment news, and unbiased long-form reviews in a wide range of categories:  from coffee machines, blenders, commercial cookers, dishwashers, and mixers, to bain maries, ovens, juicers, gas tube heaters, fridges and freezers. You can start finding the product that is right for you by using our search tool or by simply browsing through our reviews section that features dozens of detailed articles.

The team behind the Catering Equipment Advisor has hands-on experiences in the field of catering and commercial cooking, and an extensive knowledge when it comes to how consumers behave when purchasing products. They are dedicated in providing useful tips and buying advice to help you discover the catering equipment that are perfect for you and your business, and in showing detailed product information and prices which you can use to compare and contrast with similar equipment on the market. Their aim is to help all consumers decide what to buy and how to get the most out of their product.

Catering Equipment Advisor, today, is being visited and used by hundreds of business owners and shoppers to get a better idea about the product that they are about to purchase.

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